About CertifyIt

Our team combines great experience in software development, product management, and Hyperledger Fabric blockchain to help our clients become more efficient in automation of quality complience processes. Gain values from blockchain-powered quality.

+12 years
in product development

Implemented projects for US, AU customers in trading, healthcare, financial technologies, cloud hosting services, software for initial auditing, etc.

+2.6 years
in quality certification

Deep expertise in quality complience, certifcation processes and business analysis, ISO 9001, ISO 13485 projects.

+3 years
in UX / UI design

Creation of Mouse – an international platform for organizing music festivals & crowdfunding shows. Redesign of the largest IT-portals of Belarus.

Team members

Product Management & Development Team

Tatiana Solodovnikova

Founder, Product Manager, Business Developer

Ivan Kuzmich

Senior Fullstack Developer, Blockchain Engineer

Ivan Vodzich

DevOps Engineer

Tatiana Tushinskaya

Backend Developer

Sergey Orlovskiy

Backend Developer

Andrey Lenko

Fullstack Developer

Dmitriy Reginevich

Senior QA Engineer

Advisory board

Support from industry specialists & professionals

Emanuele Radice

International Lead Auditor, Quality Assurance specialist,
used to work as a Quality Assurance Engineer at EUMETSAT, Airbus

Artem Nosov

Blockchain Developer, Hyperledger Expert, Research & Developemnt Team Lead

Startup Contests

We have won and participated in several startup contests and bootcamps, talked to our target auditence, leveraged our expertise in product management, business development and sales. We are confidently going ahead to apply best practices and expertise to create most practicle, user-friendly quality solutions based on blockchain technology.

Presentation Meetups

We’ve analyzed 28,000 quality certification deals: reasons, duration, costs, needs and expectations of customers. We asked quality experts and showed prototype at LinkedIn and got feedbacks. During startup contests and networking we’ve talked with some corporates as well as small and medium companies to gather pains, requirements and do our best to improve CertifyIt.

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